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Our Ingredients

Essence + Origin believes in the power of natural and organic health and beauty and of the therapeutic benefits of natural scents. Our products contain only 100% botanical ingredients.

Natural + Organic + Wildcrafted

We believe that natural, organic and wildcrafted ingredients are more effective than petroleum derivatives and synthetic fragrances. Natural, organic and wildcrafted ingredients work in harmony with your body. Our candles contain no petrochemicals or paraffin wax, parabens, silicones, synthetic scents or animal products. 

Our beautiful products are fragranced naturally using only the purest essential oils gathered from aromatic plants, sourced from around the world. Wherever possible, we use essential oils distilled from plants that are grown organically, ethically, wildcrafted and that are pesticide free.

Natural Vegetable + Bees Wax

Our proprietary candle wax is a blend of 100% natural plant wax (soy + rapeseed wax) and beeswax. It is free of petrochemicals, smokeless and soot free, all renewable, sustainable and biodegradable and free from pesticides and herbicides. Our candles burn cleanly, right to the edge of the glass, so there is no wastage.

Pure Cotton Wicks + Cotton Candle Bags 

Our candles are made with pure unbleached cotton wicks, coated in natural wax. We then package our beautiful candles in a natural cotton drawstring bag and finish them with a 100% recycled, organic gift tag.

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